About Roy

About Roy

Interview By Janet Rittzle

“I grew up at or below poverty level, if there is such a thing,” says Roy.  “My father was an abusive alcoholic.  I was never allowed to go anywhere and I pretty much got beaten every day.”

In a vivid memory from Roy’s childhood, he recalls how his father taught him how to spell “Mississippi.”

“He beat my face into the table, holding me by the hair on the back of my head, and driving my face into the table with each letter of Mississippi.”

Roy didn’t start to learn how to read and write until he was in his thirties. Reading and writing got stifled early due to the home life and the fear.  The whole family was regularly beaten and smacked around. It was a day by day survival mode.

Unwilling to accept the cards he had been dealt with early in his life, Roy has clearly become an inspiration to others. He has gone from homeless and sleeping in a rusted out old suburban with all his children to becoming a successful self-made entrepreneur and mentor to many.

Life Wasn’t Always Rosy

pickup-01Roy remembers when he was homeless while trying to learn how to read and write. He lived in a suburban caring for his kids as a single dad after his wife had left.

After 9 months of being homeless, I thought it over and over in my head. I decided that’s it.  I can’t take the hunger anymore.  I can’t keep eating out of dumpsters anymore.  It’s not fair.  it’s not fair.

family-01One night around 9 PM he pulled aside the railroad tracks in a small country town, determined to end it all. He was extremely exhausted and totally oblivious of the fact that the kids were there in the truck with him.  Then, suddenly, his two-year-old woke up seconds before the train came and said, “Daddy, what are we doing?”  Roy quickly backed the truck off the tracks, missing the train by mere inches.  He sat there frustrated, crying, screaming and hitting the steering wheel.

A Turning Point

RT-2That night Roy’s life changed forever and he set out on the road to success.

In just a few years, he built a successful general contracting and landscaping business, tree service, tow service and also got into real estate investing.

Not long after, being that he loved helping others so much, he started to speak to people about the laws of the Universe, about their higher faculties, and how to apply them into their lives.

He started sharing his story with people and they started inviting him to speak at different venues. He soon began speaking for different organizations and Fortune 500 companies, coaching individuals and doing group mentoring. He even wrote an affirmation book and a training manual, which are designed to help you create the life you want.

When he was asked how he did it, he said, “It was a self-made decision.   In order for your life to change, you have to change your life.”

“The magic elixir is understanding who you are, understanding the mind and how to use your higher faculties to create the life you desire, because all mind is one mind.”

Roy is more than just an entrepreneur, investor, author, speaker, coach, mentor and trainer. He’s a natural born leader and he’s one of the most genuine people you’ll ever meet with an amazing story to tell. Roy is a mentor to many.