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Roy Tasker is recognized by CBS, FOX, NBC, and ABC for his motivational speaking and life coaching.

Roy Tasker is recognized by CBS, FOX, NBC, and ABC for his motivational speaking and life coaching.

Our mission is to reach as many people as we can to awaken them and to remind them of the unlimited potential they are born with and to help them tap into their true power.

Somewhere along the way, you may have gotten lost and forgotten about your true innate power, which lays dormant inside of you. Throughout your life, you may have adopted some negative programming or thought patterns, which could have affected your frequency, your vibration, and what you are able to attract in your life.

Are you the happiest you can be in every aspect of your life? You may be attracting things in your life that you don’t want, or maybe you have attracted things you thought you wanted, and now you realize you don’t want them anymore.

You may be feeling stressed out or anxious and not know why. You may not have the career or relationship of your dreams. You may not have the abundance or opulence you would love to have. You may have adopted poor eating habits, be out of shape, or not have the most optimal health you want.

You may be lacking a feeling of inner peace or joy. Or maybe you are paralyzed with fear or depression and feel stuck, and cannot move forward no matter how hard you try. You may not even be consciously aware of why you are stuck or how you got stuck in the first place.

We can help you break through your own barriers, so you can tap into your true power. We can help you peel through all your layers of fear, doubt, shame, guilt, unforgiveness, resentment, or any other negative emotions, which are keeping you cut off from your core being, which is the true knowingness of who you really are. The “true you” is fearless, vibrant, and full of energy, eager to play the game of life.

We are here to guide you to a new level of consciousness by aiding you in creating new neural pathways and to have new positive paradigm shifts, which will help reactivate the “NATURAL BORN WINNER” in you, causing you to regain the self-confidence and energy you need to get back into the game of life and have lots of fun with it.

Roy is a Mentor to Many

Roy Tasker, Mentor and Coach

Mentor to Many

Roy is one of the most uplifting, edifying, and exhorting people that you will ever meet and have a chance to work with. Just being in his presence and hearing the power and tenacity in his voice will uplift you and help shift your energy in such a way that you will feel it in your core.

When working with Roy, you will feel his deep love and empathy for people and for their well-being and advancement in life.

Roy has spoken for various corporations and organizations, and he has coached and mentored many people individually and as a group. He has helped so many people get on track with their lives personally and professionally.

Let entrepreneur, investor, author, speaker, coach, trainer, teacher, and mentor Roy Tasker inspire you and move you to purposeful action in your life!

Our Services

Phone Coaching and Personal Mentoring

In these sessions, Roy will work with you one-on-one to find out the areas that you are most looking to improve in your life.  He will help you to eliminate any negative paradigms or thought patterns, and he will teach you how to install a new positive paradigm shift.

Group Mentoring and Workshops

Usually a group mentoring session consists of about 4 to 15 people, which is a small intimate setting where Roy helps you to understand the laws of the Universe, your higher faculties, and how to use them properly and in conjunction with one another.

Seminars and Corporate Events

In his seminars, Roy blends his personal compelling story with real world life-changing principles, ideas, and strategies to supercharge any area of your life. It’s the perfect complement to any meeting, conference, seminar, or corporate event.


Roy conducts free teleseminars where he speaks about different topics and goes into depth about them. This is your chance to enjoy and listen to this valuable information for free.

Contact Us

Find out how Roy can help you in your life. For questions about pricing regarding our services contact us at 1-443-857-0272, or by email at achieve@yourwinnersimage.com.